Cosori Personal Blender

Be inspired with this Simple, fast, & powerful – 800-Watt (23,000RPM) blender with six SUS blending blades & an auto blend program, making healthy drinks and smoothies, offering you nutrients & vitamins needed every day.

Super easy to use, You can put it to blend and walk away which is one of the best features. It comes in a high quality box. This zester/grater works great and has a great quality feel to it. The handle is very comfortable to hold and you can rest it on the counter without the blade touching.

Excellent product, well made, heavy duty compared to other brands. 800 watt motor with high rpms blends a great smoothie in a minute, no more struggling with your old blender.

If you are new to smoothies and blenders in general, this blender would be literally your most prized possession. This is an amazing blender, the auto blend feature is a great addition to the blender.

No blender is going to be a quiet machine, but comparatively it is way quieter than the Ninja which literally hurt the ears by the end of its life. You will not be bothered being in the same room as this machine when it’s running. The main seal on the base/lid doesn’t seem to catch food where it can rot, unlike the Ninja which perpetually smells.

It blends very well, the bearings in the blade assembly appear to be serviceable and replaceable. The cups are much bigger, which is really convenient. The cup locks in more securely than other major brands. If you are thinking of making delicious smoothies in the morning and even better ones over the summer, then this is by far your best and perfect choice. With its sharp cutter, you just cannot wait to crush those fruits, ice and mix them up for a refreshing taste.

If you blend a lot of things; smoothies, bulletproof coffee and so on, then this is exactly what you need, Completely shreds everything. You will love this blender. Works just as well if not better that the $100+ Blenders and comes loaded with extras.
You can even get this as a wedding, birthday or Christmas gift for friends and family members. So, go ahead and order yours today by clicking the link below.


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